Molly's Therapy Couch

 Molly's Therapy Couch


OK everybody, please scoot over I need some time on Molly's therapy couch.  

It's not the couch I'm laying on in the picture, it's where we get to unload our feelings about the image - or the image capture process.

There's a backstory to this pic I need to talk about.  I've mentioned here before that I feel slightly broken or "off", that I feel total shamelessness in posting nude and erect photos, and that felt wrong.  That all changed this weekend.

I female friend who has a small Woman's club (they meet regularly to share porn gifs and get served wine by nude males); she knew that I was going hunting in the far North-woods and would I be interested in making an outdoor male masturbation video for their next meet and post it on my blog so they could watch? Hmmm, the chance to show myself to a group of women? Took me half a second to agree.

I did it, but it wasn't easy, turns out 20 seconds is about the size video that can be uploaded to my blog.  But I made several of these and assembled them.  It was then, as I was watching myself getting lost in the act and listening to my heavy breathing, that I started to blush.  As I pushed the "publish" button I got very embarrassed.  I felt vulnerable, I felt a sexual rush and I felt erotic.  

This was all a surprise because I've posted my nude and erect photos here and on my blog for some time.  The difference to me is that photos by their nature are staged.  There is a high level of vulnerability in a video - especially one where your brain turns off and your body moves itself to its own desires.  Honestly, I'm blushing now describing this to you.

When I got back I scrolled through some older pics to see if I had that same feeling in any of them.  I did in this one.  I usually take my own photos, when I explained this to a female acquaintance she strongly suggested that she should take a turn at being the photographer and in her words "direct the scene".  I felt that same vulnerability that same loss of control and that same sexual rush then.  
In this pic, I'm unsure of myself. I'm concerned about my posture and if my cock was hard enough or big enough and I'm looking for direction and assurance. There's no "cockiness" here or false confidence.

So while not my best photo, this one is a favorite. Because I love the feelings associated with it. It's about the image, yes.  But it's real people getting photographed by real people, generating some sexual tension and knowing that real people are looking sometimes generates an extra sexual energy charge.

Thanks for listening and as always thank you for looking.  I'll slide over now and make room on Molly's couch.


Modesty Ablaze said…
Love the photo ... of course !!! And, also love the backstory !!!

But ... I can you direct me to the video post? Tingling in anticipation !!!

Xxx - K
JerBear said…
Modesty, you make me smile and always give my a tingly feeling down there.

I think if you just scroll to the post on my page previous to this one, you'll see it labeled "male masturbation outdoors".

Or go cut and paste this link.

Thank you for looking and for being you.

Molly said…
Don't forget to plump the cushions once you leave ��

Joking aside thank you for sharing this. Being vulnerable is hard but also can bring great rewards too. I think this might be my favourite picture of you ever. Your expression and something about the necklace on your chest... it just feels real and that is sexy

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