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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

 Led by Desire

 More on "L"

I thought of a couple more "L" words that I wanted to put with an image: Led and Leash.

Seeing and reading about the development of strong dominant women here on Sinful Sunday (like Vanilla Free Sex and her boots) I thought posting this in their honor was appropriate.   

Thank you all for looking and commenting.


Led by Desire

I love you

I adore you

I trust you


I spoke these words in my mind

as I stood in front of you while

you bound, first my balls then

wrapped the line around my cock.


I love you 

I adore you

I DO trust you


The words had become a mantra now

as you made the final twist of the rawhide which

was looped around my dick head and pulled tight.

Your firm tug on the the line pulled my whole

dick and balls around and now we faced the door. 


I love you

I adore you

I HAVE to trust you


You pushed open the door

and led me out into the sun

and down the path to the road.


Saturday, October 2, 2021





The October prompt here at Sinful Sunday is "L".   I've been quiet as of late, but when I read that, the word licentious rang out in my brain.        (lacking legal or moral restraints        especially : disregarding sexual restraints).

It triggered a strong desire to post once again.  
Yep,  licentious pretty well describes me and my proclivities.  As well as a few others here at Sinful Sunday, I imagine.    I've stopped trying to understand it. But even the thought of women looking at my nude and erect self sends a thrill from my brain stem straight down to my dick and I get - and stay- hard.  I know that by showing myself this way I'm disregarding moral restraints, but that's me. The real and whole me. And it feels damn good. And sincerely, thank you for looking!


Wednesday, June 16, 2021




I do know that I'm way, way late for this month's prompt party.

I hadn't intended to play along with this month's prompt.

But you all inspired me so much with your imaginative posts 

that I just had to have a go of it myself. 


The sole purpose in this post is to explore making a gif 

from three pieces of photos.  Using a bit of free software

and a very willing subject (excuse the 3rd person there) 

We have this as a result.  Don't stare at it, I found it hypnotic.


That fact was both odd and disturbing. 

Thanks for your continued indulgence in my passion. 

AND, thank you for looking.  That means a lot to me.





Friday, June 11, 2021




Self-fluffing, in preparation for a photo to show you, usually helps create a more memorable image.

 BUT discipline, JerBear, discipline.  It's soooo easy to get carried away and "lost in the moment".  

Those of you with exceptional memories recall my post about "What feels good to me" ( In it, I described how delicious it feels to slide wet fingertips along the slit of my penis head, how it invariably triggers some precum and how that added slipperiness makes my body shudder when I push my fingertip down and slide it back. 

I was getting ready to take a photo for Sinful Sunday and "fluffing" to present a more "solid" look. Doing what just feels so damn good to me -  sliding my fingertips down my shaft and slowly pulling back up to the head, I got a little too into my preparation.  

This is what I was able to capture before I was sent off that slippery cliff.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

A salute to mothers

 Don't get anxious, I know the date for Mother's Day varies by countries. You didn't forget. 

In the US, it's this Sunday and I wanted to give a salute to them for all they do and all that they have done for me.  No matter if I'm early or late recognizing you.

With my heartfelt love.






Tuesday, April 27, 2021

National Masturbation Month

Please Yourself 

Yes, yes it is.  For real. May is National Masturbation Month.   The Whole month!

I am grateful and pleased for Sinful Sunday.This site is special because its the one place I feel like I can be and show my real self - and not feel like a weirdo pervert.

The timely prompt this month asked us to show what we are and what we're feeling now.  I couldn't resist.  

I'm obviously horny, have a strong exhibitionist desire and totally enjoy fulfilling those urges.  Thank you Molly.

So people enjoy YOURSELVES. 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

a Slow Day

 A Slow Day

A slow Saturday,  with no place we have to be.

That, she said, is good for  male direction.

Said direction was provided by only her eyes

and with a few motions of her fingertips.  

Slow and purposeful was her style

and one that she determined to employ. 

"we have the time,  we will use all of it". 

There was no rushing, no urgency - the 

latter was quickly squashed with but

a shake of her head and a frown.


"You share with me, so I can share with

my friends. They will know and see."

Direction. It goes two ways doesn't it?   

You give, you get.