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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

National Masturbation Month

Please Yourself 

Yes, yes it is.  For real. May is National Masturbation Month.   The Whole month!

I am grateful and pleased for Sinful Sunday.This site is special because its the one place I feel like I can be and show my real self - and not feel like a weirdo pervert.

The timely prompt this month asked us to show what we are and what we're feeling now.  I couldn't resist.  

I'm obviously horny, have a strong exhibitionist desire and totally enjoy fulfilling those urges.  Thank you Molly.

So people enjoy YOURSELVES. 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

a Slow Day

 A Slow Day

A slow Saturday,  with no place we have to be.

That, she said, is good for  male direction.

Said direction was provided by only her eyes

and with a few motions of her fingertips.  

Slow and purposeful was her style

and one that she determined to employ. 

"we have the time,  we will use all of it". 

There was no rushing, no urgency - the 

latter was quickly squashed with but

a shake of her head and a frown.


"You share with me, so I can share with

my friends. They will know and see."

Direction. It goes two ways doesn't it?   

You give, you get.




Friday, March 12, 2021

On wet briefs and living

On wet briefs and living


I'm wearing a lie.

I don't live to exist.

I exist to live.

And I want more. 


I want more laughter,

more tears,

more feeling,

longer erections

(bigger and longer lasting)

Is that asking too much?  


A woman gave a request

she asked to see men in wet briefs.

Her desire for more and bigger living

fueled mine.   I admired how she 

could say out loud. What she wanted.

How to make her life more filled.

It ignited my lust.

And I envy her grasp on life.

as this photo  session went along, 

my underwear dried out, 

and got very constrained.*

That's what living to exist will get'cha.

* actually these are the more comfortable briefs I've ever worn.

The way they cup my balls is like a soft warm hand. 

Friday, February 26, 2021




Have you ever planned a photo shot that you thought would be really, really good and it was an utter failure?  Laugh out loud kind of failure?   I have. 

After intently watching my photography partner doing her yoga exercises, she decided that yoga would be just the thing for me.   Never mind that my body is stiff and non flexible, nor that I can't even do a down dog pose without grunting in discomfort.  No, if I was going to watch her, she was going to watch and photograph me.  And she had me with the idea, a back bend handstand which would make my erection stand up tall.   But it was was like what Dirty Harry said "A man's got to know his limitations." 

My partner, now military-like drill instructor soon had me bent and contorted.   And her attention had me, as Tom Waits sang "getting harder than Chinese algebra".  The challenge to me was that she wanted some parts of me soft and pliable and other parts hard and stiff - and I kept getting them mixed up.   It was too much, and just before I collapsed on the floor we ended up with this. 

Not doing that again.


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Favoring Fire


 Favoring Fire


 By request .... a snow and ice photo. In the interests of honesty, I cropped the photo so you wouldn't see the boots I was wearing.   I drew the line at standing in the snow barefoot!

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
Robert Frost
This sentiment of warming desire is especially comforting for those of us who have spent time naked in the snow and ice.  I do like the idea of desire so strong we both burst into flame.  

Saturday, February 13, 2021

My road to perdition 


Since after all, this is "Sinful Sunday" .


The serpent beguiled me,

                                         and I did eat"

                                        Genesis 3:13


Dame the calories!

To hell with the carbs!

I'm ditching the diet and

I want what I want.

Today I want pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes.

with melted butter - LOTS

And warm maple syrup.

It's a slippery slope because

the heart will always want 

what it needs to to be complete.

 It's my road to perdition.


It will be slippery with butter and syrup.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

 Natural Texture

(we don't have a variety of textures in the north country this time of year.  Unless you count the different kinds of snow and ice.  So, I've pulled in a picture from last spring to submit for Molly's February prompt.)


Come closer, a little more, that's right.

I want you to put your palm on the tree

feel how the bark is stiff and

full of ridges and bumps.

It is hard - yet alive with sap.

Next, feel the leaves, silky smooth

they are fresh, tender yet firm 

your finger tips can slip along them. 

all the way to the tip.

The new grasses have sprung up fast

they're already waist high

lightly brush your hands through them 

and feel them sway with your rhythm


later we'll walk down to the river

and feel the rush of water pushing,

and flowing through us.   Come.

Take my hand.