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a Slow Day

  A Slow Day A slow Saturday,  with no place we have to be. That, she said, is good for  male direction. Said direction was provided by only her eyes and with a few motions of her fingertips.   Slow and purposeful was her style and one that she determined to employ.  "we have the time,  we will use all of it".  There was no rushing, no urgency - the  latter was quickly squashed with but a shake of her head and a frown.   "You share with me, so I can share with my friends. They will know and see." Direction. It goes two ways doesn't it?    You give, you get.      

On wet briefs and living

On wet briefs and living   I'm wearing a lie. I don't live to exist. I exist to live. And I want more.    I want more laughter, more tears, more feeling, longer erections (bigger and longer lasting) Is that asking too much?     A woman gave a request she asked to see men in wet briefs. Her desire for more and bigger living fueled mine.   I admired how she  could say out loud. What she wanted. How to make her life more filled. It ignited my lust. And I envy her grasp on life. as this photo  session went along,  my underwear dried out,  and got very constrained.* That's what living to exist will get'cha. * actually these are the more comfortable briefs I've ever worn. The way they cup my balls is like a soft warm hand.