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  Licentious     The October prompt here at Sinful Sunday is "L".   I've been quiet as of late, but when I read that, the word licentious rang out in my brain.          (lacking legal or moral restraints           especially   :   disregarding sexual restraints). It triggered a strong desire to post once again.   Yep,  licentious pretty well describes me and my proclivities.  As well as a few others here at Sinful Sunday, I imagine.    I've stopped trying to understand it. But even the thought of women looking at my nude and erect self sends a thrill from my brain stem straight down to my dick and I get - and stay- hard.  I know that by showing myself this way I'm disregarding moral restraints, but that's me. The real and whole me. And it feels damn good. And sincerely, thank you for looking!