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On Being Shown

I knelt on the pad at her direction and assumed the desired position. I knew from experience that my wait might be minutes or hours in duration – it didn’t matter. What did matter is that she had selected me to provide whatever intimate pleasure she ultimately desired. And it was that thought that kept my penis completely stiffened and on display for her periodic perusal. Her attention, while periodic in nature, was on my erection. She demanded a certain level of elevation and was sharp in her inspection methods. If she sensed a drop, she was quick to require me to provide manual stimulation under her supervision. Her goal, it seemed, was a throbbing intensity that left me pushing against the air and my heart thumping in my chest and beating in my penis. Her preparations, this time, were different. She was clearing the living room and doing something in the kitchen. The mystery was soon solved when the doorbell rang and I heard the sounds of female voices. I became very aware my