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fluffing     Self-fluffing, in preparation for a photo to show you, usually helps create a more memorable image.  BUT discipline, JerBear, discipline.  It's soooo easy to get carried away and "lost in the moment".   Those of you with exceptional memories recall my post about "What feels good to me" ( ). In it, I described how delicious it feels to slide wet fingertips along the slit of my penis head, how it invariably triggers some precum and how that added slipperiness makes my body shudder when I push my fingertip down and slide it back.  I was getting ready to take a photo for Sinful Sunday and "fluffing" to present a more "solid" look. Doing what just feels so damn good to me -  sliding my fingertips down my shaft and slowly pulling back up to the head, I got a little too into my preparation.   This is what I was able to capture before I was sent off that slippery cliff.