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Sticky Fingers

    swinging dicks A female reader of this blog asked me to provide better visuals to my older writing "What feels good to me".  what feels good So this odd post is my attempt to do that.   I could also have called this post "fun with dicks". Did you know that when you swing your cock around like this: That this is what happens?     Which makes my dick slit DELICIOUSLY slippery - I love that feeling.  


Glamping     It's summer, and I'm getting the camper out for some trips into the woods.   I know the more authentic people want a tent, sleeping bag and a big bottle of mosquito repellent.  OK, I'll admit it.  This is my idea of "roughing it"!  And obviously, I enjoy it.   There's a bad pick up line in the north woods where one party tells another that they'd like to check them for ticks.   No ticks here.


 I get a thrill out of vintage motorcycles. I only wish I could ride it bare and let the wind blow my parts around. vintage

May is ...

  May is ... National Masturbation Month, of course!   Please excuse my enthusiasm.  I like to share.