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talking dick size

  talking dick size This is an older photo that I've never posted before.   To be honest, I was never happy with how it presented what is the honest look of my dick.  It seemed "non-showy", nothing special, just plain average at best.  I acknowledge that this is just foolish ego on my part.   I can walk into any department store in America and grab a shirt, pants and jacket off the size medium rack and they fit perfectly.  Why would I expect my dick to be anything different?   It's a silly male thing.  I so much want to be able to elicit positive female reaction.   It's silly because in real life, I'm not attracted to female models or women with perfect bodies.  I search out high quality female humans that interest me.   I used to be a moderator on a CFNM site, and the women were all definitely size queens.   I have to admit feeling a little jealous of those bigger males.   One of the things I appreciate about Sinful Sunday is that I feel like the posters are


imagine     I've been thinking about the connections between one's imagination and sex. We all want "real" and "true".   But the glorious, unrestrained, bursting from desire fun of imagination is there.  And is that any less true?