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  Sinful Sunday  Breakfast at Stiffany's This was more than I expected. And maybe more than Molly asked for.  I met my 'net friend, Claire Williams, on a CFNM (clothed female nude male) site. So her work in response to my request for an edited photo should not have surprised me.   I love her sense of humor and the way she has of gently putting my male ego in a place we can all enjoy. Clair wrote a short story to go with her work.  It follows the pic.  The only thing I'm uncomfortable with is that she switched my head with one from another photo.  She wanted it facing another direction. Still, that's just not right. Stiffany’s is one of my favourite hotels and whenever I’m working in the area I stay there for a day or two. The rooms are rather luxurious and the food is good. They are particularly renowned for their salads and the room service is excellent. My last visit was in the summer. The weather was hot so just before going to bed I phoned room service and as

Fall Demands Attention

Sinful Sunday     The bright colors remind us of what is gone. The wet kiss of a summer rain, The suffocating embrace of the sun's heat, The smile, while returned, was never followed on. And the night chill warns of what is to come. The snow, the cold, the ice. A warm body pressed against your own, two bare skins trying to become as one. Love lost, love found.  Pay attention says fall.