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On Being Shown  Chapter one,  What was I thinking? Kurt’s body shivered, both from being naked and cold but also from the anticipation of what he was about to do.   He pulled a robe out of his duffel and quickly put it on.    It was only a week ago that he’d answered an ad in the school newspaper.   The subject line has caught his attention his eyes the body of the ad has caught the attention of his dick.                 NUDE MALE VOLUNTEER WANTED                 Female art student needs a male model for final project.     Can’t afford to hire anyone.   Prepare to be totally nude for some time under her gaze and       direction. Kurt thought for a full half second before he whipped out his phone and sent a submission to the email address on the ad.   She replied later that night and since then he’d been a nervous excited mess, alternating between a hard erection and “what have I done” thinking.  He heard her shout his name and snapped out of hi