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    Unbidden This picture was meant to evoke a daydream like state.   Because when my mind wanders ... so do my hands.     Unbidden Unbidden, the memories come flooding back. Tangled hair lying pressed against my chest, Your legs wrapped around my waist with toes curled  as together, we hit all of the pleasure spots. And I wish to touch myself. Unbidden, I recall your heaving breasts. My fingers, wet inside your hidden sex, the soft curve of your hips swaying on top of me us sliding together and then you pulling back. And I want to touch myself.   Unbidden, I remember your laughing eyes,  gazing down on my erection bobbing in the air. Your moist, full lips as they slide down slipping across my chest, my belly and down below. And I need to touch myself.  Unbidden, my hand drops to my thighs. and my fingers find what they need to touch. And as they wrap around my organ I think again of you.  And wish.