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I feel your gaze upon my skin as it crawls from crotch to chest and back there again. And when it finally rests at the object of its desire I stiffen from its heat. It studies every bump, wrinkle and vein as I unfold, lengthen and become hard. Standing straight up, exposed and unashamed I push against your gaze seeking relief. But for you, controlling my erection using your eyes and a few chosen words, is serious play and you work at it. Relief will come, but not against your gaze "Hanging with Cinnamon" At your invitation, I've stopped by. And as usual, you've insisted that I remove my clothes at the door. It's a little uncomfortable for me - I'm self-conscious in my nakedness, but because it's my friend "Cin" I do it anyway. We have a beverage of your choice and somehow during the next drink or two, I let you talk me into having my hands tied up over my head so that I can't move around or get away. You go into the other room and call L