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The Good Neighbors (CFNM, Voyeur)

It was my first day on the cape and it was beautiful. A bright sun had cut through the ocean chill and was pleasantly warming my skin as I sat on the deck and sipped my morning coffee. I sent out a mental thank you to my friend Jill, who had offered to let me stay at her summer home for a few weeks while I finished work on my book project. She and I had been roommates in college; after which she got married and had kids and I dated my computer and lived with my writing. My main social outlet was through the lives of my characters. I promised myself that that would change as soon as I got this book turned over to the editors. Jill’s deck faced the ocean, but I could hear car doors closing and motors starting from the front of the house. It was midweek and those who worked in the city were rushing to their cars to get in line on the freeway on-ramp. The deck side view was quite spectacular with a sweeping vista that included a view of the cape where it curves out to sea and a wide expan