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Molly's Therapy Couch

  Molly's Therapy Couch   OK everybody, please scoot over I need some time on Molly's therapy couch.   It's not the couch I'm laying on in the picture, it's where we get to unload our feelings about the image - or the image capture process. There's a backstory to this pic I need to talk about.  I've mentioned here before that I feel slightly broken or "off", that I feel total shamelessness in posting nude and erect photos, and that felt wrong.  That all changed this weekend. I female friend who has a small Woman's club (they meet regularly to share porn gifs and get served wine by nude males); she knew that I was going hunting in the far North-woods and would I be interested in making an outdoor male masturbation video for their next meet and post it on my blog so they could watch? Hmmm, the chance to show myself to a group of women? Took me half a second to agree. I did it, but it wasn't easy, turns out 20 seconds is about the size video t