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Clothed Male Nude Female (CMNF)

I paused at the doorway and looking in the bedroom. There Jen was, engrossed in her laptop – and she was naked. She was in bed, lying on her back with the laptop screen propped against her upraised legs. No matter how many times I’ve seen her, each time was fresh and new … and each made my heart beat faster. My eyes traveled along her long, slender legs (I really owe the stairmaster, I thought) and paused for some time at the curve of her delightful bottom. My eyes then darted to her exposed and erect nipple. I find myself licking my lips and leaning forward as my eyes linger there. “What’cha doing”, I asked stepping into the room. “Reading some delightful fantasy” she responded. I tossed my hat onto a chair in the corner and went to her side. “What’s it about?” I asked. “Oh, just some guy who likes being naked for me on the beach” she nonchalantly replied. I sat down on the edge of the bed and inhaled her aroma. “I can tell it excites you” I said, “and I love your perf