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Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography   This week's photo challenge over at Sinful Sunday was abstract photography. This was a real challenge for me. I have three different ideas, but all seem lame.   Anyone have a preference? Or how about pebbles, ivy and fur?


    Sinning   Lusting in my heart, Sinning in my mind, Where is the part when I'm repaid in kind.  I think that's imagined as well. 


Touch     I touch it and feel a tremor move  from my chest to my thighs.  An involuntary shiver shakes my body and my cock moves in counter balance, it waves and dances in the air.    I can slide my finger tips down the shaft and feel. Oh yes, I feel it's weight and the bumps of veins. It strains and stretches out to reach - to connect - to release. But not yet. Let's go slow.