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The Birthday Party ..... (Femdom)

Jen approached and I could see her eyes appraising my naked body. My hands were behind my back and my feet were spread wide apart. Her eyes traveled from my chest to my thighs and back up to my crotch where they settled. She had a sly grin on her face and her eyes danced with excitement. “Well, JerBear, I think you know what I want for my present, don’t you?” Without waiting for a reply, she reached over and with her left hand lifted my penis up out of the way. Her right middle finger pressed against her thumb formed an “O” and she held this up against my balls and then released her finger and flicked my balls. It made a resounding smack, even though it made me visibly flinch I was determined not to make a sound or cry out. Lisa let out a little gasp but then leaned forward so that she could see what was happening, close up. I glanced at Amy and Arielle and saw grins on both of their faces; they knew what Jen had in mind! “Oh, Mister Hard-on, you’re a tough guy, aren’t you? Well, may