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For "The Woman's Club"

I am very lucky to know a group of the most sensuous women who have become good friends.  They have formed their own "Woman's Club", which has the most awesome rights and club privileges imaginable!!  This posting is for them. Cinnamon asks me after most Forum nights "how do you feel it went"?  Truthfully I have trouble answering her because while it is always a blast and I enjoy myself immensely, it quite often leaves me sexually frustrated.  Very frustrated!  And it doesn't help that Joyce keeps asking "are you hard yet"?  I want to shout "YES I AM AND IT FEELS GREAT".  I don't say it, but I am usually hard and without immediate relief I am only pushing against air ... and no matter how I twist my body around or swing my dick back and forth, relief is not available.  I usually look like this then: And if I could I would love, love, love  to be doing this in person during our little chats.  But a club performance is not