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  Outtakes   Have you ever planned a photo shot that you thought would be really, really good and it was an utter failure?  Laugh out loud kind of failure?   I have.  After intently watching my photography partner doing her yoga exercises, she decided that yoga would be just the thing for me.   Never mind that my body is stiff and non flexible, nor that I can't even do a down dog pose without grunting in discomfort.  No, if I was going to watch her, she was going to watch and photograph me.  And she had me with the idea, a back bend handstand which would make my erection stand up tall.   But it was was like what Dirty Harry said "A man's got to know his limitations."  My partner, now military-like drill instructor soon had me bent and contorted.   And her attention had me, as Tom Waits sang "getting harder than Chinese algebra".  The challenge to me was that she wanted some parts of me soft and pliable and other parts hard and stiff - and I kept getting them