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Merry Merry!

  Merry Merry!   Blessings of the season to each and every one of you.   My wish for you is: peace to all who are troubled, healing for all who are hurt and friends to all who are lonely.   Each of you contributed in some way to the family which this site has become and I thank you for that.  I'm sorry the angel in this picture is a little blurry.  I tried and tried to get it focused but just knowing you all would be looking, my dick kept twitching and that would make the angel swing. By the time I got it stopped and the camera in position my dick would twitch and the angel would swing ... like it's doing in the picture.  I didn't have room on the picture to call out each of you. You all are angels and all are tightly focused in my mind.   You fellow posters are all angels - strong ones, Molly is the chief angel and the most powerful angels are those of you who look, read and comment.   Thank you all and Peace be with you.