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The PonyBoy Race

Storytelling is an artform conveyed in many ways. My friend, Claire Williams likes to write, take photos and create imaginative worlds by altering the images and blending them with her story. She's been a guide for me early on in these writings and I was glad (in fact, eager) to help her out by modeling. Here's her story about Her PonyBoy. by Claire Lady Persephone always enjoyed the horseracing at her local racecourse, but today was something special for her. It was Lady’s Day. Thousands of ladies were packed in the grandstand, many in very fine dresses and other outfits, and excitement was rising as the moment drew near for the Ponyboy Race. In this event the horses were replaced by well built males who had to run naked pulling along their mistresses in small carts. The lady who won the race received a silver cup. Lady Persephone was keen to impress all the ladies in the grandstand, and her close friends in particular, with her new stallion. She caref

What Feels Good to Me

I like to start by bouncing my limp dick in my hand and feel it gain weight as it fills with blood and starts to swell up. I’m a “grower” type so the change is rather pronounced – and exciting. If I whip my hips back and forth, my penis slaps against my thighs with a whapping sound. And that feels good too. At some point, the “swelling up” changes from making my dick larger to making it stiffer. It starts to lift itself up off my hand and point upwards. At this point there’s a disconnect between me and my dick. It feels like it is its own entity. And to a small degree, it takes over. My penis head is getting real sensitive now because it is pulled tight. So if I am lightly holding the shaft with my finger tips and swirling the head around my palm it feels like satin and it further increases its sensitivity. My dick erection will get even tighter and harder if I lightly drag my finger tips from the base of my shaft up to the head and then push back down firmly. It’s lik

Celebrating National Masturbation Month (May)

One of my creative outlets is cooking. I especially like Italian style dishes. On one of those rare days when I was alone at the house I thought I could take advantage of long preparation times and prepare some pasta and cool it down for use a little later. So that it doesn't clump together after cooking, I like to drizzle a little olive oil over the top, add some seasonings and mix it by hand. Cooking isn't brain surgery so it's a chance to let your subconscious go where it will while to deal with more mundane tasks. My subconscious, as is it's style, goes to thoughts of a sexual nature. For me, sexual thoughts are like the screen saver on your computer. When my brain isn't doing heavy processing, sex thoughts just pop up. And then I tend to "pop up" as well! So there I was with my pop up sticking out and pressing against my shorts, while I'm blending oil and pasta together by hand and it was just so cool, slippery and soothing. And