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Celebrating National Masturbation Month (May)

One of my creative outlets is cooking. I especially like Italian style dishes. On one of those rare days when I was alone at the house I thought I could take advantage of long preparation times and prepare some pasta and cool it down for use a little later. So that it doesn't clump together after cooking, I like to drizzle a little olive oil over the top, add some seasonings and mix it by hand. Cooking isn't brain surgery so it's a chance to let your subconscious go where it will while to deal with more mundane tasks. My subconscious, as is it's style, goes to thoughts of a sexual nature. For me, sexual thoughts are like the screen saver on your computer. When my brain isn't doing heavy processing, sex thoughts just pop up. And then I tend to "pop up" as well! So there I was with my pop up sticking out and pressing against my shorts, while I'm blending oil and pasta together by hand and it was just so cool, slippery and soothing. And