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First Snow     First Snow We knew it was coming. We could feel its quickening pulse, the increasing waves of wind and cold, the sharp slaps of cold front snaps and the winds gusting with increased ferocity.   Yet when it came it was without a bang, no thunder, no loud claps just a sigh. A whimper of submission and  a whisper of release.  It rolled over us like a down comforter pulled up to our chins. What was left was a silence. Everything was buried, burned up, used and depleted.   We wrapped ourselves in our thoughts and felt only the softness,  the moisture and the comfort of its passing.  We are together in the quiet.  Time to put on a jacket. And a hat. Please excuse the indulgence of posting two photos.   I wasn't sure which one was best for Sinful Sunday.  The first seems more artistic and you can see the snow, the second is more sexual and better shows my "real feelings".   Any feedback on which you prefer is appreciated. Thanks, JerBear