On wet briefs and living

On wet briefs and living


I'm wearing a lie.

I don't live to exist.

I exist to live.

And I want more. 


I want more laughter,

more tears,

more feeling,

longer erections

(bigger and longer lasting)

Is that asking too much?  


A woman gave a request

she asked to see men in wet briefs.

Her desire for more and bigger living

fueled mine.   I admired how she 

could say out loud. What she wanted.

How to make her life more filled.

It ignited my lust.

And I envy her grasp on life.

as this photo  session went along, 

my underwear dried out, 

and got very constrained.*

That's what living to exist will get'cha.

* actually these are the more comfortable briefs I've ever worn.

The way they cup my balls is like a soft warm hand. 


molly said…
I LOVE those undies. They look absolutely fabulous on you and I think bulge pictures are super hot

These are magnificent briefs, and I can see how your images were once printed in Playgirl. Wet briefs - strong look!

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